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Return Policy

Hello and welcome to the returns page!
Here you can get acquainted with useful information.

Almost every product has a lifetime warranty. You can always buy your keys and accounts safely at ALTS.RIP.

Cancellation right and Exchange

“What can I do if one of my products is broken?“

Sorry about that. Please contact the Support Chat - click on the red bubble in the bottom right corner and describe your problem. The support is available 20 hours a day and will help you in a few minutes.

“How do I exchange a product?“

To do this, please contact the support chat at the bottom right using the red bubble. We always try to help as soon as possible! Sometimes there is a lot going on, so an answer can take a few minutes.

“How long does an exchange take?“

If you have contacted us via the support chat on the website, you will be assisted in a few minutes. We are in the office most of the day and available 20 hours a day to help you with your order.

“Are there products with a lifetime guarantee?“

Almost every product has a lifetime guarantee! If there should ever be a problem with your order, you can simply contact us via the support chat at the bottom right! We always try to be available for you.

“So with a lifetime guarantee, will I always get help?“

Correct, you always get help with your order. If you ever have a problem, just write to the support chat at the bottom right on ALTS.RIP using the red bubble. Blazing-fast help!

If you have any further questions, please read the FAQ page or contact the ALTS.RIP support chat. We are available 20 hours a day.

 The Non- and Semi-Full access and Fortnite accounts are excluded from the lifetime guarantee.