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Payment Methods

Hello and welcome to the Payment Methods Information page!
Here you can get acquainted with useful information.

We always try to have the latest and most popular payment methods available. A list of the most used payment methods we offer on ALTS.RIP can be found here.


Logo Payment Method Features Coverage

Bancontact Cards local
The Bancontact debit card is a popular payment method in Belgium and the most commonly used card in this country. It lets customers make real-time card transactions to buy products and services. A Bancontact card with a PIN number is issued to customers who open a Belgian bank account. Bancontact is an excellent alternative payment method that can be offered to those consumers that do not have or desire to use a credit card online. Consumers do not have to sign up for the service, they simply need to have a bank account and select the Bancontact method upon checkout. Link to the Bancontact website

Bitcoin eWallet
Bitcoin is cash for the internet. With just a phone and an internet connection, you can use Bitcoin to send funds nearly instantly to businesses, friends, and family anywhere on earth. All bitcoin transactions use a “push” payment mechanism, meaning that funds cannot be pulled from a user’s account. Funds are only transferred when the rightful owner of the funds initiates a transaction. This process is part of what makes bitcoin payments uniquely secure: they can’t be forged or made without your permission. This whole process happens without any one company or organization running the show. Link to a Blockchain website

Credit Cards Cards International
Credit cards are one of the most widely used payment methods in the world. We can process payments for all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and Visa Electron.

EPS online transfer Cards local
The EPS online transfer is a secure payment method that is offered by the Austrian banks. It allows account holders to easily and quickly pay for purchases using their own trusted online banking service. The bank transfer is made at the initiative of the consumer, and the payment is "pushed" to the bank account of the merchant. When a consumer is initiating an online payment with EPS, they simply select their own bank and they are then redirected from the merchant’s website to the secure login page of their financial institution. Link to the EPS website

Ideal eWallet
A consortium of all the major Dutch banks developed the iDEAL payment method in 2005 to make it easier for their customers to pay online for products and services. iDEAL allows online payments to be made using online banking through the consumer’s own bank. iDEAL is available to all consumers who are online banking customers of the participating Dutch banks. Consumers who already have online banking can start using iDEAL right away, as they do not have to register separately for the service. Link to the iDEAL website

PaySafeCard Internet banking
Paysafecard is a prepaid payment solution available in more than 46 countries. When the consumer wants to pay with Paysafecard on a website, a special windows opens so that the consumer can enter a numerical code given by Paysafecard. Neither a bank account nor a credit card is needed. Paysafecard payments are always without specification of personal information or bank account information. Link to the Paysafecard website

POLi Payments Internet banking
POLi Payments offers users a whole new approach to safe, secure, and easy online payments. Established in 2004, POLi has delivered an innovative and intelligent software platform for Australians and New Zealanders to transact safely and securely online. POLi offers a substantial improvement on existing online banking platforms with the added benefit of real time reconciliation errors. POLi is perfect for those who don’t have a credit card or prefer not to use it online. There’s no registration hurdle and customers can use it for free. Link to the POLi website

Przelewy24 Bank transfer
Przelewy24 is a domestic Polish Internet service that facilitates the transfer of funds for payments between customers and sellers. Customers can use a variety of payment options to load their account, including bank transfer from more than 30 domestic banks, credit cards, SMS, mobile payment, eWallet and cash payment. When making a payment online at a participating merchant, the consumer selects Przelewy24 as the payment method and authorizes a transfer. Link to the Przelewy24 website

Sofort Cards local
SOFORT offers services for the secure purchase of physical and digital goods on the Internet. SOFORT is the market leader amongst the online banking-based payment methods in Germany and Austria. On average, 3 million SOFORT transactions are made every month. SOFORT is one of the safest online payment systems on the Internet, because, with SOFORT, customers make payments using their familiar online banking details. In this way, security and privacy are of highest priority. Link to the SOFORT website

Verkkopakki Prepayment
Finland is unique from a payment perspective because Finnish consumers prefer online bank payments to any other payment method. When a consumer is initiating an online payment, they simply select their own bank and they are then redirected from the merchant’s website to the secure login page of their financial institution. The consumer logs directly into the bank’s online system and Finnish banks use TAN for additional security.


Of course we still accept a lot more payment methods, but we can not list all on this page. If you want to see all available payment options for your country, just try to buy a product and proceed to the checkout process.