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Semi-OG Name Accounts

Your solution if you need an account with a cooler name.


Java Accounts
Mostly unbanned everywhere
Perfect for giving out to friends
Use INSTEAD of your main account
Login via the Minecraft launcher and play
Will have a name that is considered "Semi-OG"

The accounts will be delivered in this format:


FULL ACCESS OG ACCOUNTS? We have everything!
Our support team is there for you if you've any questions or other.
Warranty & Disclaimer Page

A detailed step-by-step guide to getting the most out of

your order can be found in your purchase or  individual questions  on the FAQ page.

Product Details
Security Questions Protected: Yes, the account is protected with security questions.
Password Changeable: No, the password can't be changed.
E-Mail Access: No, you don't have email access.
Name Changeable: No, the name can't be changed.
Skin Changeable: No, the skin can't be changed.
OptiFine Cape: No, the account doesn't have an OptiFine cape.
Minecon Cape: No, the account doesn't have a Minecon cape.
Special Ranks On Servers: No, the account doesn't have any special rankings on servers.